Molly Norris could, if she didn't have to go into hiding for exercising free speech rights.Theo van Gogh could tell you, except angry Muslims who did not like what he had to say killed him.Do first amendment protections only apply to one side? In that case, I would agree with you that that is hate speech, but I fully support the broadcast of those verses so that people can begin to understand what Muslims read and teach.

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That way you can't hide behind google search because any fool could do that. I'll definitely enroll my daughter when she is old enough in these classes.

I think it's great that YMCA city heights is offering this to their community members.

Your membership will be active for the calendar year in which it is received beginning on the payment date.

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There are basically two sides of thought on this comment board (three if you want to include the people who just think we should all keep our heads in the sand): those who see serious problems with the ideology if Islam, and those who defend Islam's doctrines and jurisprudence.

Are you suggesting that the voices of those who have lived, studied, and thoughtfully discerned, and formed an opinion on the dangers of Islam, are not allowed to have a voice. Not in the United States of America (unless you're Molly Norris - more on that later) where everyday religions are scrutinized and criticized (see Catholic Church, Mormon Church, etc) . And Islam should not be excluded from the applications and judgments of critical thinking skills. There is the possibility that the hate speech you were referring to are the actual Koran verses calling for killing infidels, spousal abuse, etc.

Perhaps you feel safer self-censoring criticism, but do not expect others to do so.

( Great article today about movement in Morocco to stop veiling of young girls: "For sociologist Karima Wadghiri, forcing girls to wear the veil does not only violate children’s rights and kill their innocence, but also nourishes in them a wrong perception of their bodies." least the Arabs are showing progress, unlike the American left and zombie converts like sublime619- they are pulling us into a new dark ages. Your hatred of islam has blinded you so much you can't even comprehend between fact and fiction. ( sublime: I've noticed that you characterize others' comments as "attacks" instead of seeing them as the expresiion of beliefs and convictions based on research and compassion.

( Aisha = more personal attacks because you realized your recycled arguments about the hijab and veil have been already addressed , refuted and discussed with nuance and careful thought by muslim feminists. And you obviously ignored the other topic about you even reading Professor John Esposito. Freedom of conscience and thought is limited in Islam, but it cannot be controlled in free minds, on comment boards, and certainly not in this great country; that must be very frustrating for you and your friends/advisors.