Ramy Zamzam was a past president of the MSA’s Washington, D. council, before his conviction in in 2010 for attempting to lead a group dubbed the “D. Alamoudi was also the president of the Muslim Students Association’s National group in the 1980s.

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Norquist’s sister Loraine is also married to a Palestinian activist, Majed Tomeh, who co-founded the Islamic Institute with Norquist.

However she ended up in the White House, it’s clear from a search of records from the Clinton White House that Abedin quickly became a go-to resource on Islam for the future Secretary of State.

There are no details available about the process that led to Huma Abedin becoming a White House intern assigned to Hillary Clinton in 1996, nor are there any details about how Abedin was vetted for the job.

When (Huma) Abedin was two years old, the family moved to Jidda, Saudi Arabia, where, with the backing of Abdullah Omar Nasseef, then the president of King Abdulaziz University, her father founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a think tank, and became the first editor of its Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, which stated its mission as “shedding light” on minority Muslim communities around the world in the hope of “securing the legitimate rights of these communities.”In his early years as the patron of the Abedins’ journal, Nasseef was the secretary-general of the Muslim World League, which Andrew Mc Carthy (…) claims “has long been the Muslim Brotherhood’s principal vehicle for the international propagation of Islamic supremacist ideology.” This connection is important because the Muslim World League was also the benefactor of a group currently active on over 600 college campuses: the Muslim Students Association.

Omar Shafik Hammami was president of MSA’s chapter at the University of South Alabama during the early 2000’s.

In 2006, Hammami abandoned his young wife and child and left for Somalia where he became a militant leader in the terrorist organization al-Shabaab. There’s another important connection to the Muslim Students Association — remember that, in 1996, Abdurahman Alamoudi was wielding his influence at the Clinton White House.

According the inaugural issue in 1979, Naseef was the Institute’s Chairman.

Huma Abedin would spend the next 16 years growing up in Saudi Arabia.

In 1996, Alamoudi was a key Muslim influencer with the Clinton administration. Another historically significant thing happened in 1996: A 20-year-old George Washington University student named Huma Abedin landed an almost impossible-to-get White House internship.

Aside from the Eid dinner, an organization Alamoudi ran was vetting Islamic Army chaplains for the U. At that first Eid dinner, Hillary Clinton admitted to knowing almost nothing about Islam, telling the audience that she and President Bill Clinton learned most of what they knew about Islam from their daughter Chelsea, who had taken a sophomore high school class on the Middle East.

It’s not surprising that Huma Abedin was part of the Muslim Students Association, but it should raise eyebrows, and it’s a valid subject for questions since the MSA has been breeding ground for known terrorists.