The urge took hold, and I put on my trailers/runners and ran across the garden and into the garage.

I immediatly spied and picked up the tape, running back into the house.

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I wound 3 or 4 layers before I ripped off the strip.

I practiced mmmmmphing a bit before I worked on my wrists.

She too lit up a cigarette and let out a laugh and she looked back and saw us squirming on the floor of the van.

My aunt tapped on the side of the van window and I could hear her say she was going to meet them at the hideout.

I kept the gag on (I'm what some people would call a 'gagsnob') for the simple feel and thrill of being gagged.

Sincerely, what makes you so sure about what you stated about Boywonder's aunt? What might demonstrate/imply that BW's aunt has further intentions beyond playing a game when she plays with her nephew?

I was carried towards a large white cube van parked in the garage.

I could see my aunt and her friend Cathy standing at the back of the van looking inside then up at me being carried over. She said something like..."Purrrfect you nabbed the Boy Wonder too.

The tape had this one layer that was a right bugger to remove.

Once it was, I walked through into the living room, and sat down more or less in the middle of the room.

I was sure nobody could hear me, so I thrust my legs together (in a inverted-'V' arc) and began winding tape around my ankles, figuring I'd only use two layers per area.